Strategic Alliances

Law Society of South Australia

The Law Society of South Australia is the voice of the legal profession and provides professional services, resources, support and benefits to its members.

Eckermann Lawyers is a Gold Alliance Firm.

We partner with the Law Society of South Australia and show a commitment to our employees and the profession by maintaining 100% membership.

Eckermann Conveyancers

Established in 1976, Eckermann Conveyancers has earned the reputation as a leader in the conveyancing industry.

All members of the Eckermann family have a wealth of experience in the conveyancing industry and, along with our team of experienced conveyancers and support staff, work to deliver superior customer service.

The business now employs more than 30 staff across its four offices in South Australia.


Eckermann Forms

Eckermann Forms, formerly, Eckermann Vendor Statements, is a leader in the industry by providing a timely, trusted and accurate Form 1 preparation and certification service.

Eckermann Forms has a large number of specialised Form 1 staff members, ensuring that the quality service can be delivered to clients all year round without interruption or delay.

As an added advantage, where necessary the team at Eckermann Forms has access to the support and experience of Eckermann Conveyancers and Eckermann Lawyers to ensure accuracy and attention to detail, no matter what the transaction.